working with me

If you’ve explored this website, watched my video, and seen my Portfolio, then hopefully right now you’re wondering exactly how you can hire me. Or imagining what working with me will be like.


Here’s what you can expect:

First, since my goals are to help you to express your own life loves and passions in a physical space, I’ll begin by interviewing you:

  • What are your favorite styles, colors, textures, or surfaces?
  • What room needs to feel most like you?
  • What inspires you? Calms you? Motivates you? Satisfies you?
  • What are some of the most amazing places you’ve ever seen that might make you feel at home?

I want to find out what you love – visually, experientially– and what a particular space means to your life, work and more.

Next, I’ll find out what your project budget range is.
Not every project needs the most lavish budget to achieve stunning innovative results, but knowing your budget helps me present designs and features you can believe in.

Next, I may present photos, magazine articles with innovative design examples to see how you react, and even light up.  It’s a fast, interactive way to find out your taste levels, passions and loves. You could also show me your favorite travel photos too – whether a beach sunset, an ancient ruin, a popular landmark, favorite food or breathtaking vista, anything that feels meaningful, significant and beautiful to you.
Because so often, I’m able to bring these enduring loves to the space where you live or work, in the colors, surfaces, textures and shapes, all to connect you to your most pleasurable memories, passions or life goals in physical, tangible, tactile expression.

Next, once we have a consensus on your budget, tastes and desires, I may present style variations, example colors and surfaces or take you shopping so you can see, touch and experience something tangible and real.

After this phase, a formal plan of our work together to move forward will be scheduled and presented – all in alignment with your total satisfaction, joy and delight. Whether a vibrant space to be shared with friends, clients or family, or a quiet, personal space of solace and calm, my goal is the same– your space that feels like you.

I have an ability to transform my clients’ vision of their lifestyles into unique and pleasurable design experiences.

During the finish stages, you can trust my professional, detail-oriented manner throughout the process, involving you in the day-to-day details and progress as much or as little as you like.

Let’s begin the process today. Together.